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All of our teachers are native Chinese speakers, with experience of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The course framework and materials we use are developed by the Ministry of Education of China and are designed specifically for non-Chinese speakers learning Mandarin Chinese. This framework is widely used by schools in USA, Canada and China to ensure students learn Chinese in the best and most effective way.

Our courses are flexible, fun and based on the 6 levels of the Common Framework of Reference for Languages which means that there is a learning opportunity designed to meet your needs; from complete novice to more advanced prior knowledge, we have a course for you. Once you register with us, our teachers conduct a level assessment to ensure you are in the right class for your level and the course is designed around your choices and competencies.

One to One Courses
One-to-One Chinese lessons are by far the fastest and most effective way to learn the language. These lessons are completely tailored to meet your needs and learning style, and your reason for learning the language; whether it be for basic conversation, for business or an academic qualification.

Two to One Courses
These are very similar to One-To-One Courses but allow you to learn Chinese alongside a friend or partner. The added advantage with such a course is the motivation and support provided to one another. This may allow you to practice and help each other with interesting Chinese exercises between lessons.

Group Courses
This format of learning is lots of fun and very cost effective. At the start we will discuss your aims and objectives, and then arrange for a qualified tutor to structure the course. This is a wonderful chance to meet new people and gain confidence in a small group setting.

For 1-to-1 lessons, the time is quite flexible. The times for 2-to-1 and Group Lessons are:

Morning Lessons
2-to-1 and Group Lessons
10:00 to 12:00

Afternoon Lessons
2-to-1 and Group Lessons
13.30 to 15.30, or
16:00 to 18:00

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